Zero Gravity by Pluup

Chilean cartoonist with a specialty in Characters Design, Pluulp likes the cartoon style and enjoys writing and drawing comics. Graduated in Visual Communication and Design at the University of La Serena, she eventually undertook a path of a visual artist and dedicated herself entirely to improving her drawing skills. Although she does not have any studies in this area, she does not consider herself as a self-taught artist, since she learned the craft by watching and admiring the work of many excellent artists. The subject of her dynamic vibrant work is influenced by science fiction and old cartoons, and she likes to mix the seemingly cute with the dark things. Pluulp loves her job and if she could ask one thing to the Universe, it would be to eradicate tendonitis from the Earth.


Tomorrow you are going to undergo an experimental procedure that could dramatically increase your intelligence. Today you get lost in space. And you do not find it as an easy job to get a snack. Fortunately you are a cyborg and eating is not your main priority.
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