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El Guardián de la Torre by PUCHU

Maximiliano Puchulutegui, better known as "PUCHU.DESIGN", was born in Buenos Aires in 1985 and currenty based in-between his native city and Barcelona. Maximiliano is a multidisciplinary artist keen on artistic creation and passionate about the Design. His pieces are tinged with pastel colors, surrealistic scenes, fantastic creatures and imaginary universes. Maximiliano has worked prolifically throughout the Mural painting, Editorial and Textile Design, Advertising, Branding, Album Covers Illustration and participated in multiple Design Shows and Festivals in Spain and Latin America. His latest serie of drawings "Love is Love" is filled with a sense of humor and passion.


A gigantic galactic worm guards the abondoned tower on an unknown planet. Most of the time he is on vacations but today he acts as a fence. He would not want any human fall from the floating island in the middle of cosmos. Better they make friends and at once discover the tower together.
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