#356 YOS by Mariona Tolosa Sisteré

Mariona Tolosa Sisteré hails from Barcelona where she gained her Arts degree and found her personal universe through acrylic, pencil, collage and digital drawing. The wit and charm of her characters, her passion for the precise and her solid academic background have combined to make Mariona's style an 'overnight' success. Mariona is a versatile artist, who works on varied projects, from publishers, press, public institutions to private companies and individuals. Mariona's albums, articles, animations, lettering, posters and the textile illustration are the visual bait for the world to be tempted into contacting her. She has always some tasty project on the boil. Today it is Crypto Exquisite Corpse on Mars!


Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be able to agree to talk to your past self. I also imagine how my old lady from the future could come one day, stand in front of me and give me some tips. I am sure one of the suggestions would be for me not to worry about so many things!
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