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Lost sign by Juan Castaño

Juan Castaño defines himself as a teacher by profession and a cartoonist by vocation. Born in Cartagena in 1976, he draws since very early years, although it is in recent times when he dived entirely into illustration. In his work the unique and selected thin shapes and contrasting colors are rooted in deep interest in the Japanese illustration. He seeks a constant exploration of color and form, combinations of both to express or make the viewer feel. Currently straddling different forms of creative media including book cover design, merchandising, doing business comissions and colabs with other artists, Juan is the ultimate visual problem solver. Juan edited an illustrated book dedicated to the tattoo world and is preparing a second volume, this time an illustrated story about the sea, a fairly common reference in his work.


Sometimes you find on the web some encounters which are different, very different. They suddenly replace the reality and we dare to do whatever! What shall you do you are are at the top of that meeting and the signal is lost, it freezes or loses sharpness, leaving you anxious about the outcome?

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