Now Future by Anna Dart

Anna Dart is one of our most unusual artists, and not surprisingly her work is quite striking with those magnetic portraits and a passionate call for better universal human connection. For her digital works Anna manipulates her watercolour and acrylic images searching for the deep emotion and finding the inspiration in contemporary dance and drama. Co-founder of Exquisite Workers and a co-creator of DigitalArt4Climate, UN associated iniatiative, Anna promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health. In her own words, when it comes to the social or artistic contribution, Anna brings a deep sense of purpose, her light and sense of excellence.


You have such a fun exciting ride of your life! You have the energy which creates the worlds behind you! Through the power of your own focus you are getting the details you are carving out. You are the focuser of energy, understander of energy. Once day when it is all fine, you will remember your inner voice.
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