488 CHECHE ✅

Psychedelic Coniglio by Cheche

Cheche, born in Buenos Aires in 1997, develops as a visual artist exploring areas ranging from illustration to muralism. She studied graphic design at the First Da Vinci School of Multimedia Art and Visual Arts at the National University of the Arts (U.N.A), Argentina. Constantly experimenting between manual and digital techniques, she covers themes that have to do with darkness starring extravagant characters with bright and shimmering colors. Miss Cheche finds her inspiration in sensuality, gloom, magical worlds and today navigating to space with Exquisite Workers!


Shall we go together to the south of Sicily? Those beautiful Baroque ornaments of the moldings and exquisite bas-reliefs will adorn your path. They communicate organically with the nature, the world and meet your longing for the sublime! The door to the unique is open.
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