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Wild Little Stories were a cute furry creatures living in sketchbooks for so long times. During the pandemic time they decided to show yourself to the world to bring some hope and smile to people faces with their wild adventures. Every story is unique, and shows brave „warriors” who despite adversities, often unfavorable conditions, unexpected events are fighting and don’t give up in any obstacles. Each of creature characterize in some imperfection. They have wounds, scratches, sometime tears, but they have an attitude to never give up. Thery are very determined to send a lot of love, cuteness and hugs. They love: nature, value true loyal friendship, getting to know new places, other Worlds and Spaces.

Josh Mora began to draw stories and characters as a child together with his brother. They collected, printed and framed them. That was the beginning of his lifetime passion. Josh studied art in a high school and continued to practice it and learn intermittently over the years. Sharp, large strokes, color contrasts and exaggerated anatomical proportions define Mora's rich and distinctive style, highly influenced by French comic and manga. His pictures tell the story on their own and the whole set leads to imagine new narratives. Keen on comics and short stories, the ideal future project would be to publish his own comic book. Will it be the book of Josh going to space?

Fernanda Fierro is a Mexican illustrator and designer trained at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico City. Her work is characterized by the use of vibrant textures and radiant colors which give life to her multiple characters. Constantly seeking to adapt her style to the diverse mediums and to capture the way she feels and sees the world, she aims to connect with a spectator in a deep level. Fernanda signs under the name "Muertísima" and is excited about the idea of becoming one day inspiration for young creators like her. 

La Veralicia is a digital illustrator and comic artist whose loose, expressive visual language is immediately recognisable. She got a degree in Design and Creative Technologies in Valencia and her work remains influenced by her academic background, with a prominent concentration on colour, line and characters development. A great deal of inspiration for La Veralicia comes from the classical art, cinema and everyday life and very much from the vintage aesthetics and Asian themes. Currenly she works on getting her first graphic novel called DUST. You wouldn't want to miss her live-drawing on Twitch as well as this fantastic token! 

Dani Burés is a Galician artist, inevitably influenced by his career as an architect and landscaper. Dani is primarily an exponent of line, the quality of which can be described as dynamic, elegant and precise. Always working on vectors, he shows a great interest in a somewhat abstract and geometrized representation of all kinds of subjects. He seeks the maximum formal simplification of any type of a still life or landscapes that present a suggestive for the artist composition. Although on average the color palette in his vignettes is scarce or non-existent and it is repeating geometric patterns that catch the prominence, we can feel the warmth and curiosity.

Living in Hull, UK has given Joseph Cox a keen eye for the peculiarities of modern life. His personal work is inspired by technology, science and electronic music. He works largely with digital mediums such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects and then translate his art into print - be that giclee, screenprint or risograph; and more recently explores paint and other analog mediums. On a commercial side, he also encompasses graphic design and branding and has notched up projects as diverse as murals painting, event promotion for music festivals, museum illustration, placemaking and maps. Joseph Cox might be the one to make the first ever map of Saturn!

Gabriel Guzmán was born in Mexico City where he works on different projects involving mural, painting, digital illustration and design. Graduated with the Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree at the UNAM, he continued his training diving into the Motion Graphics. Mainly interested in the human nature and human relationships with nature and artificial environments (how they modify and generate social behaviors), in his works Gabriel explores all sorts of interactions with surroundings and oneself and some primitive emotions. Gabriel currently works as an illustrator in Revista Aire, a magazine that is part of Aerome-Xico, the largest airline in his country. Much of his art has been done for social projects, which seek to strengthen isolated communities in cities throughout Mexico.

César Salazar, AKA "Layla" is one of the youngest illustrators on board of Exquisite Workers. His work stands out for the use of attractive color combinations and the dynamics of the human figure that appeal to young audiences. Layla’s biggest inspiration lays in sport and in the stylized human figure representations by Tommy Parker, Sua Balac, Makugwapu, Juliaon Roels, Dom Scruffy Murphy, artists that he admires. César got his training at the Leandre Cristòfol Municipal School of Fine Arts in Lleida, Catalonia, and then complemented a higher degree in illustration with the graphic design. Introverted by nature, he is in a constant search for the new creative challenge and eager to be on Saturn!

Nick Öhlo, A.K.A. "Nicolò Tromben", was born in Vicenza, Italy where he fall in love with drawing and nature. Nick loves representing everything around him through a lense of colours, giving life to fantastic creatures, always inspired by the natural elements and travelling. Nick holds a degree in Product Design from the University of Ferrara with a double major from The Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil, and a Master in Editorial Design from The Fine Arts Faculty in Oporto, Portugal. After working for two years at a communication agency, he now proudly founded the Supernulla collective where he works as an independent graphic designer and digital illustrator.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Miguel studied Visual Arts in Llotja Academy of Arts and worked in Graphic Design for many years. Miguel’s characters represent the feeling of loliness of the human being and address fears and unsecurities and detachment. Specializing in 2D hand-drawn illustration in black and white, Miguel creates a body of work which is intuitive, process-based, and sensorial, emphasizing the idea of distance emotionally and physically. He uses drawing as a means to express moments of self-reflection which contain a huge source of inspiration. Miguel is keen on creating worlds with the focus on interior and on the minute details of everyday life, capturing a larger truth about human nature.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Angela Santos is passionate about drawing funny, monsterly and colorful creatures, turning the deepest unspoken truths from the mind into art. Angela creates emotionally charged psychedelic and ethereal artworks with manga and comic influences, learning new techniques through everyday life experiences. Her works are most based on inner emotion that she explores by setting her simple, fun and cheeky characters in a slightly surreal landscapes. In her illustrations, precious and full of color, Angela represents the beauty of the space traveling and the fascination for the Exquisite Corpse game.

Ilaamen Pelshaw is a Guatemalan painter based in the United States whose work has been featured in solo and group shows nationally. Growing up with a grandfather who was an artist and muralist, Pelshaw became interested in art herself and developed a practice centered around positivity and warmth. Mostly working on "happy art", her work is always colorful and illustration based, whether through quirky animal portraits or paintings of Latin American culture and crafts. Her art often focused on kindness and inclusion can be found in private collections around Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America, and now in space.

Visual artist specialised in drawing, fashion, art direction and photography, Zulema obtained her degrees at La Llotja Art School of Arts and Crafts and the University of Barcelona, Spain. Zulema's interest for nature has led her to make numerous trips around which her art portfolio articulated, closely linked to the landscape and female beauty. Her creative world evolves around the past, the unconscious and the femininity and with her artwork she invites the reflections about the state of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Zulema combines collaborations with magazines and newspapers with the creation of illustrated books and personal projects. Zulema has illustrated more than 10 children books and now has reached as far Saturn.

Angel Ririsu, AKA "Babi Angel" is a multidisciplinary artist who stands out for her versatile capacity for development in all possible artistic disciplines: from photography and cinema to illustration and graphic design. Being an extremely introverted person, from a young age she has felt a certain ability to capture the small details that little by little would expand her artistic imagination. With a rich emotional life, Babi is keen on exploring art through nostalgia, thus delving into retro-futuristic genres, cyberpunk and sci-fi. In her visual works there are elements of these aesthetics captured through colors and geometry. Playing with elements such as balance and mysticism, she invites the feelings of uncertainty and mystery and shares them on Saturn.

Aspiring artist who comes from the Outer Universe, Bryan Maciel, AKA "Elisyan" sees the illustrating process as a therapy and a means of self-discovery. His strongly conceptual, signature style relies upon a whimsical, fantasy-driven world of characters and their exploits. Elisyan is fascinated by the cyberpunk, artificial organic and mechanical patterns which in his work address a balance of the beauty of nature and the perfection of technology. He is deeply interested by the world of manga created by Yoji Shinkaw, Tsutomu Nihei and Katsuya Terada. The sci-fi culture, dystopian and utopian fictions such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira, BLAME! and Ergo proxy, also futuristic novels and films are the primary influences in Elisyan’s work.

Born in Morelos, Mexico, Axel Iván Mendoza Duarte goes under a pseudonym "Maulen". Interested in drawing from an early age, Maulen expresses his desire for learning to draw scratching everything he finds in his path. Having studied the Graphic Design at the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán UNAM, he finds Mexican graphics to be extremely attractive to him. Nevertheless, Ax is deeply inspired by Baroque art, Art Nouveau and Impressionism. His work combines his love for simple shapes and finely defined color palettes with detailed elements and charming utterly dynamic characters. He manually adds shadings and nuances giving the final illustration a comic look. The recurring themes of Maulen’s artworks are freedom, peace and chaos. The artist ensures that a fascination for these topics is manifested in his own life. 

As an artist Camille Lagoarde, AKA "Kiwii Pastek" is known for her vivid, delicate and thought-provoking art style. Kiwii Pastek hailes from France where her parents’ exposure to arts and crafts nourished her love for creating things by hand and be resourceful. Even as a child, she had a strong taste for books, especially albums. That is when she started drawing and she never stopped. Today her colourful illustrations reveal a poetic world with a touch of humour. Moreover, her personal work is part of the body positive movement. She wants to give a different image of bodies considered outside the norm: fat, marked, non-binary, transgender, etc. Thus, a fresh and benevolent look is given to them. Far from the injunctions and archetypes carried by today's society. Her committed artistic approach has allowed her to be published in the feminist magazines. Bust Magazine The Fatzine, be recognized by international illustration, and design institutions.

Maximiliano Puchulutegui, better known as "PUCHU.DESIGN", was born in Buenos Aires in 1985 and currenty based in-between his native city and Barcelona. Maximiliano is a multidisciplinary artist keen on artistic creation and passionate about the Design. His pieces are tinged with pastel colors, surrealistic scenes, fantastic creatures and imaginary universes. Maximiliano has worked prolifically throughout the Mural painting, Editorial and Textile Design, Advertising, Branding, Album Covers Illustration and participated in multiple Design Shows and Festivals in Spain and Latin America. His latest serie of drawings "Love is Love" is filled with a sense of humor and passion.
Matías Zapata is an Argentine graphic designer based in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. Beyond his profession, he is also an illustrator, motion grapher, video editor and 3D modeler. Matías has been exploring the universe of digital illustration since 2014 and digresses the milestones of different artistic movements, to give his creative work a twist with a focus on pop culture. Matías loves drawing illustrations populated with characters that are mysterious and melancholic and has tender feelings for colors and refining details and techniques to the max. In order to represent an unobjective reality, he describes all the nuances of sensations, through faces, eyes, mouths, just like in this awesome token.

Pavel Valseca’s use of colour is peerless and simply impeccable. Graduated at the Mesoamerican University of Oaxaca, Pavel is a Mexican illustrator who has largely worked in advertising, cinematography and video games industry creating the design of characters and environments. Having explored various subjects on his way, he has a real soft spot for the science fiction, terror and fantasy that gracefully implement the human figure and nature mixed with technology and supernatural. Pavel has always loved to express himself through drawing, looking for inspiration in works of such classics as Carvaggio, Rembrant, Saturnino Herrán and contemporary artists like Kim Jung Gi and Ryan Jia. Learning and improving his skills govern much of the beauty of his work. It is with this sharp eye for details, great sense of color and passion for cosmos and outer worlds that Pavel creates the illustration on Saturn. 

Multidisciplinary creative studio "Foxnaif" was founded by Gizem Sezer in 2019 in the city of London. Specialising in illustration and graphic compositions, Gizem aspires to create artwork with a playful sugestive style. With clients like Kaffi Coffee, Valaita Winery, Speedyteller under her belt and a folio that spans from branding to design work, Gizem brings to each and every project her passion for storytelling awaking feelings and recreating awkward moments. Foxnaif has derived from the word ‘faux-naïf’ which means a literary or artistic style, emanated from a search for an authentic unsophisticated artistic experience, unaffected by the trappings of civilisation. Foxnaif loves to draw with a pencil and in her minimalistic series of personal work often visits places which do not exist. 

Anna on the Moon is the pseudonym of a graphic designer, art director and illustrator from Barcelona who speaks as poetically as she draws. Her real name is Anna and she likes geometry, symmetry, color and for her less is more. Currently, she works in a creative production company growing professionally and personally every day. Alongside her commercial practice, Anna is developing her artistic practice through personal projects. Her sumptuous painting style is fresh and elegant. She is addicted to the series, chocolate, colors of the sunset and her beautiful cats. She only asks the future for love, health, money and adventures. And a little bit of carrot and orange juice. On Earth and on Saturn. 

Juan PNG is a 30 year old visual artist old born in the south of Argentina. His beginnings in digital illustration go back to a very early age and come with a use of a Microsoft's Paint program. The drawings that characterize Juan's work are based on reversals of pictorial works by well-known artists, on illustrations in parallel perspective and also on nature, especially zoological species. Juan likes to work with brushes that mimic the crayon and with a vivid color palette that refers to the 80's. His best artistic aspiration for the future is to illustrate a Best Seller. 

Wildlife technician and illustrator Em Bolieu lives by sea and forest in the province of Quebec where she was born. Her art process is about drawing things she’s in love with and spending probably too many hours finding the perfect colors to reflect that love. In fact, she’s just obsessed with colors. She’s also fascinated by animals, science, anything vintage and weird things and uses illustration as a way to reunite unlikely partners in one dance. At the moment, she’s working on many scientific illustration projects and she’s overjoyed!

Daria Kondaurova, A.K.A. "Yegizart" has received her Degrees as an Academic in Fine Arts and an Interior Designer. Born in Kazakhstan, Daria lived there most of her life until she moved to Armenia. The historical heritage of the new habitat greatly influenced the artist's creative path and gave inspiration to create a certain style in which the culture of the three countries is intertwined. The abundance of elements depicting birds and plants and a tender exquisitely balanced color palette define Yegizart’s work. Focused on promoting cultural heritage with her work, she cooperates with the Armenian brand Truezard and creates silk scarve collections, popular both in Kazakhstan and Armenia. Yegizart’s work is soon to be released at NFT Liverpool exhibition and now on Saturn.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Roger Haus converted his passion for digital art into the driving force to build the project which is here to make history - Exquisite Workers. Excited about the mesmerizing work of Surrealists, Roger’s art is an invitation to self-reflection. His most famous work “Hypnagogies” has been featured on Wetransfer, TimeOut and Visions Gallery. Graduated at La Llotja Arts and Crafts Academy and Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP and with 15 years of experience creating award-winning digital products, Roger Haus has ventured into developing a visual language for Cocoon, Els Amics de les Arts, and the UN-associated DigitalArt4Climate.

"Impossible tower" started with a Costa Rican engineer (Mauricio G.) and a Mexican Architect (Socorro F.) doodling floors of a cartoon tower once a week (on their own words, the real ones are too much work). "Impossible tower" artistic unity started with the idea of a collaborative drawing excercise — slightly similar to the Exquisite Corpse — and ended up evolving into a fictional black and white world in which one-eyed creatures, monster cults, and regular citizens live together in harmony without being too freaked out by the insanity around them, extraterrestrial cereal propaganda included. "Impossible tower" hopes that their project will get hem closer to the life-long dream of becoming full-time illustrators. In a meanwhile lets enjoy their first Crypto NFT drop in space!

Gema Moltó originally hails from Alicante and undertook her academic artistic training in Valencia, Spain. Gema combines her personal work inclusing commissions or collaborations in the field of illustration, design graphics and muralism with teaching arts in the local public institutions. Fascinated by the nature and daily things, Gema brings flora and fauna in her subtle and pleasant work and tells visual stories of female characters experiencing little joys of life. Gema is a true renaissance woman, working with many formats, media and techniques aiming to explore things intuitive, oneiric and intangible. Her work is sought out for its humour as much as for the experimentation with colors and shapes.

Laura Armengol better known as Lur, was born, grew up and obtained her art Degree in Barcelona. She studied graphic design in EINA and years later a postgraduate Degree in Illustration in BAU Design College of Barcelona. Although the design is what opened the doors to the professional world, her passion lies in illustration, painting and comic that she tries to introduce it into all aspects of her life. She began diving in fine-art by experimenting with oil paintings as well as pastels and acrylics. Finally Lur discovered the digital art which currently has become her main way of self-expression. She never left aside more traditional techniques though and expects to never ever stop drawing.

Jules Blanc is a Brazilian visual artist graduated in Design at Universidade de São Paulo. Although most of her artworks are digital illustrations, she experiments with many different media and techniques to discover new ways of doing things. Passionate about storytelling and character design, her main sources of inspiration are from pop culture – cartoons, anime, comics, Disney movies – as well as artists who are known for contributing to large artistic movements such as Alphonse Mucha and René Magritte. Another great reference is folklore and especially the yokai from Japan, as each yokai has highly interesting and quirky narratives. Jules hopes to bring her own ideas to life, possibly causing a positive impact.

Kami is an aspiring Brazilian artist deeply inspired by Asian cultures. The new scenery of Metaverse inspires and invigorates her tactile illustrations influenced by the Japanese horror movies and the Japanese history, especially by the feudal Edo Period. Kami is primarily an exponent of line, the quality of which can be described as spontaneous, energetic, and elegant. We can see the hints of anime in her work and the strong focus on the female empowerment. In her latest digital works she invites the viewer to see how the colors meet terror and mystery. Soon to be showcased at NFT Liverpool Festival ‘22.

Mayo Bous is versatile artist from Cuba whose work includes editorial illustration, concept art, motion graphics, animation, pixel art and 3d modeling. Passionate about music, especially Jazz, Blues and Progressive Metal, in his creative work he is searching to achive musicality with a limited color palette. He takes his inspiration from Latin American cartoonists like Quino, Fontanarrosa and Juan Padrón, Japanese artists such as Yoshitaka Amano, Tetsuya Nomura and Takeshi Obata, as well as from the legends Rembrandt, Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian. Excited to be on Saturn! 

Rie Hagesawa more known as "Illust M" is a designer and illustrator from Japan. In her homecountry she regularly participates in art and illustration shows, but not only there. She has held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong as well as brought her art to France and Spain: publishing books and participating in Exquisite Corpse more than once. M enjoys working digitally and aims to achieve something fresh and edge, with a touch of elegant nostalgia.

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