Who are "Exquisite Workers"?
Exquisite Workers emerged at the beginning of a Covid19 lock-down in Barcelona as an independent artists-owned company and a social media platform to help artists thrive during the lock-down and cross physical and historical boundaries.

Exquisite Workers brings creatives from all over the world to one Instagram feed and creates the body of work published daily and defined by a montly colorful palette called Digital and Crypto Exquisite Corpse.

In just one year, the project has 23 Exquisite Corpses, made up of 1,455 individual contributions made by 572 artists (including 331 female illustrators) from 50 countries.

Due to the growing demand for NFT advice for artists, collectors and NFT traders, Exquisite Workers has grown as a creative consultancy and a place to find tech-friendly art direction, extremely rare visuals and immersive and interactive NFT's (2D, 3D and Holo-art).
When was Exquisite Workers born?
The 6th of April 2020 in the city if Barcelona we proudly posted the first piece of Digital Exquisite Corpse on Instagram @exquisiteworkers.
What exactly is Exquisite Corpse?
Exquisite Corpse was a game played among greatest Surrealists and major Dada figures in which each participant took turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper folding it to conceal their contribution, and then passing to the next player for further contribution.
Who were those Surrealists who played Exquisite Corpse?
André Breton, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Valentine Hugo, Yves Tanguy, Frida Kahlo, Marcel Duchamp, Tristan Tzara and many many others.
What kind of Surrealist was Max Ernst?
Looking for a new place for young Surrealism in figurative expressions, in 1925 Max Ernst invents the technique of frottage, which in essence became an implementation of automatism within the visual arts. Ernst placed diverse objects with a relief surface underneath a sheet of paper and made a rubbing with a pencil, gaining images of every-day objects divorced from their initial significance. It was at such a great level that he mastered the alchemy of images that there was indeed something mystical about him, something that allowed him to create phenomenal worlds that, despite their irrationality, appear amazingly real.

Today we dedicate our first interstellar journey to Max Ernst admiring his poetic and cohesive artistic images without set narratives and his fresh approach to painting based on experimentation. This irrational image-making allowed Ernst to make the world of dreams, the subconscious, and the accidental all visual as he plumbed his own psyche for inspiration.
What kind of Surrealist was Frida Kahlo?
There is nobody in the history of art who has painted such evocative and surreal paintings that combine symbolism, autobiography, and magical realism like Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s full name was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, but she went by Frieda and later by Frida. Kahlo’s life was a harrowing reality of physical and psychological pain, but she depicts that pain with a touch of magic. 

Using strong colors and simple childlike perspectives, Frida painted wondrous elements like the sun, the moon, strange vegetation, parrots and a numerous portraits of herself with her pet monkeys hugging her hidden by the leaves of a bird-of-paradise plants. In the pre-Columbian society and the Aztecs’ world, monkeys are an important presence. They were the gods of fertility, noted for their cheeky lasciviousness and uninhibited sexuality, and they were also intimately connected with dance and the arts. 

Today we dedicate our second interstellar journey to Frida Kalho who impregnated her epoch with a unique talent, whose innovative work is a mural of her life. 
I have heard of Cadavre Exquis. Is it the same game?
The name Exquisite Corpse is derived from a phrase that was composed when Surrealists first played the game: "Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau." ("The exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine.").

Source: Breton, André (7 October 1948). "Breton Remembers". Archived from the original on 27 January 2008. Retrieved 30 September 2019. Exhibition catalogue, Le Cadavre Exquis: Son Exaltation, La Dragonne, Galerie Nina Dausset, Paris.

You can use both Exquisite Corpse and Cadavre Exquis. In Spanish it is Cadáver Exquisito.
Why did you choose precisely this game for the project?
It is our tribute to the immense Surrealists names, those artists who revolutionised human experience, broke down the rational order of thought, created new art language and shifted the way we see the world today. Also It is fun, enriching and very purposeful.
What makes your art different?
We offer the extremely rare and beautiful art based on the universal Exquisite Corpse technique that stood the test of time. The Exquisite Corpse is certainly Surrealism's most astonishing and disturbing invention. Exquisite Workers fully adopts it, since in no other movement, from romanticism to futurism, we may produce together with the favor of chance that sort of fugitive works, possessing such a deep meaning and allowing our artists to project a shared ideal and setting the criteria of the convulsive beauty we want to express.

Although the artists strictly follow the rules, the drawings' continuous figures in a shape of a snake always culminate in unpredictable fantastical forms which are ultimately one single object, in which one piece would not exist without another one.

Who are your artists?
We curate and showcase a list of some of greatest emerging and well established illustrators, designers, graffiti painters and holo-artists vigorously selected for the project. These artists have a variety of styles, concepts and techniques such as line, vector, minimal, black & white, fantasy, abstract etc. and share their vision and ideas using different subjects. Some use a computer to create a digital illustration, others draw with a pen and ink or paint with pencils and watercolor and then digitize their art.

Creating the Exquisite Corpse with us, both Digital and Crypto, they foster new understandings and innovative collaborations within the global community of international artists committed to building creative relationships beyond the lifespan of individual projects.
Where do Exquisite Workers artists come from?
From Earth. To be more precise from the following 50 countries: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canadá, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenia , Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Venezuela.
Can I find out more about your artists?
Sure. You can read about each of the artist-participant in the description of the Artwork. You can also check their portfolio of work following their social media links. We hope you can make friends with them after purchasing the Artwork and follow their amazing success and growth ever since. They have some special EC powers. ^^
What are the EC powers of your artists?
Exquisite Workers creators are famous for adaptability, self-control, open-mindedness and love of the extraordinary. One of the mysterious EC powers is the masterly trained ability to reach a state of perfect telepathy.
I am an artist and I love your project. How can I apply?
We are very excited that you would like to become the member of our big exquisite team of illustrators 2D and 3D, painters, graffiti makers and Holo-artists. To create the Exquisite Corpse with us, both Digital and Crypto, we eagerly invite you to send us an email to hello@exquisiteworkers.com with your artistic Instagram account. We are looking so much forward to know you!
What did the first ever Digital Exquisite Corpse look like?
It was the shortest one (12 pieces) and definitely highly optimistic. That was April 2020. Choosen bright red, orange and green colors reminded us in middle of pandemic of happiness, vivacity, and summertime sunshine. The optimism behind glorious yellow allowed us to create a powerful union of hope and resilience and keeped us thinking of a brighter future to come. The subject of the first Digital Corpse went hand by hand with the colors. We wanted to play, we needed to play in the middle of Covid19 collapse.
What did the second Digital Exquisite Corpse look like?
The second Exquisite Corpse became a little longer (27 pieces) and we melt in tender apricot and irresistible blueish colours. That was May, 2020. You can see the evolution of the Digital Exquisite Corpse on our Instagram @exquisiteworkers if you scroll down to the very beginning of the Grid.
What is the difference between Digital Exquisite Corpse and Crypto Exquisite Corpse?
These are the ‘Earth editions’ which serve us as a training and ‘Cosmos editions’ which are for sale.

As we already mentioned, we have posted our creations on Instagram since the 6th of April 2020 and we called them Digital Exquisite Corpse. Up to date we have created 23 Digital Exquisite Corpses, 6 of them were done by children from 3 to 12 years old.

Crypto Exquisite Corpse is the special series of work posted both on our Instagram and Website as a response to the exciting NFT growth. Since the 1st of May during the following months we are releasing 505 tokens (with artists of 18 years old or older) which are open for auctions. This means you can own, collect and resell them. 

While the astronauts reach the next interstellar object which generally takes a couple of weeks of light, we monitor on Instagram the progress of the artists who keep practicing on Earth.
What does the first ever Crypto Exquisite Corpse represent?
The first Crypto Exquisite Corpse of all times will be created in the great Solar Chain System by bringing the highly qualified illustrators from Earth to different planets.

We start this tremendous historical outer space expedition on Mercury, then we are navigating to the Moon, then we are vising the Red Planet which we are especially looking forward to, afterwards the Jupiter etc. until we reach the Unknown. That is where the last Super Real edition or mysterious expedition will take place.

We bring with us the glorious art, sophisticated skills and Manifesto, aiming to find on the Solar Chain System the artefacts and experiences that can give us the perspective towards the new growing Universe we dive in, the Earth and ourselves.

Our mission is to go farther into space than ever before with the loyal passionate Real and Super Real collectors supporting us. We search for a more clear understanding of the historic moment we live in. We want to know if navigating through the blocks of artists-first Space will change the way we create, forever registering the daily steps we undertake in the Exquisite Corpse and blockchain. There is no way back.
How does Crypto Exquisite Corpse technically work and what should I do?
We are excited that you are here to undertake the historical Crypto Exquisite Corpse journey. To start collecting you will need the special chain wallet to use in space. We recommend installing the MetaMask for wallet management. Once you have made the account, you need to send some ETH (also known as Ethers) to the MetaMask wallet.

As soon as you set your mind about the piece(s) of Crypto Exquisite Corpse you like to collect, you can place a bid on them by clicking "Buy Now". The website will take you to the marketplace where you can use your MetaMask wallet.

Each day we post 3 illustrations available for an auction. The auctions will be of a different duration. Read carefully the rules of Crypto Exquisite Corpse game and become our favorite Real or Super Real collector!

Mercury edition starts on the 1st of May, 2021. Venus edition starts on the 21st of June, 2021 at 8 pm CET. Moon edition starts on the 26th of July, 2021.
Why is the interstellar expedition by Exquisite Workers so meaningful?
We are the first ones to bring the concept, the idea and the technique of Exquisite Corpse to the blockchain, capture and embrace the breadth, depth, and transformative potential of Cryptodigitalization. It is a truly historical event!
Where do the artists of the first Crypto Corpse come from?
For the Mercury expedition we have invited 90 artists 2D who come from: Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Hungary, USA, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, Japan, UK, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina,Taiwan, Panama, Cuba, United Arab Emirates. We give credit to each artist-participant and this interstellar journey might become life-changing.
Why is Exquisite Workers starting the Crypto Corpse expedition from Mercury?
We wish we started right from the center of the Solar System. The heart of it is a tricky destination though. Due to the experts, it is much more difficult to reach the Sun than it is to leave the solar system altogether. We heard that The Parker mission is scheduled to end in 2025. We will wait for the news and then possibly touch the Sun.
How many editions will Crypto Exquisite Corpse consist of?
Big and main ones are 10. We are going to Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. These are 9 plus 1 "Super Real" which we will enthusiastically discover together with you. 

If there is a comet, nebula, star worth visiting on our way, we will consider that ^^.
What is the Super Real Edition? Why don't you reveal where you exactly go?
We do not yet know what beyond Pluto is. There is a whole lot of interesting space. It houses the icy rocks of Kuiper Belt at 30 to 50 AU. The Oort Cloud which defines the cosmographical boundary of the Solar Chain System and the extent of the Sun's Hill sphere is another place of mysteries still unravelled!
Who champions the Crypto Exquisite Corpse voyage?
These are two fictional humanized characters who are the major mascots of Exquisite Workers.

First is our super heroe, pilot, captain and unbounded inspiration. The handsome character with a skull face. Its name is EW (/iːv/). When EW is not on a space expedition, it wears a cap, a yellow T-Shirt, shorts and boots. The age is not defined but we suppose EW might be in the early 30s. EW gets shy in public. Most of the time EW has a serious face expression and represents the attributes required for Exquisite Workers artists - resistance, tenacity and creativity.

EW's best friend's is Exquisite Corpse Snake. A long name, but it defines perfectly the Snake's current main occupation. The Snake is a constant enigma, almost never talks and when does, speaks in riddles life's mysteries and the Exquisite Corpse path to take. Generally calm and happy character with the distant memories of the Big Bang. Keen on sweets and tortilla de patatas, the Snake is secretly in love with Elon.
How does Exquisite Workers set the Grid positions within the Crypto and Digital Exquisite Corpses?
Once we pick out the leading illustrators for the project, we distribute all the positions by raffle and provide the artists with the templates which serve as a pathway.
How do the templates look like?
Once the raffle is done, we distribute the very unique template for each position. This will be the frame for the future master-piece of the illustrator-participant. Some templates are horizontal, some vertical, some are curved. If to put them together they create the shape of a snake (for the sake of EW's best friend) and fit perfect to the Grid.
How many types of templates exist?
Up to date these are 10 existing templates for Crypto Exquisite Corpse.

We call them the following way:

right opening/closing - left opening/closing - central - right up - left up - up right - up left - vertical - up closing - down closing.

As you can see, there is no template representing the movement backwards.
What Grid are you talking about?
Inicially the Grid we used for posting the Digital Exquisite Corpse was the one available on Instagram app which supported square images. And so the pieces of Digital Exquisite Corpse were designed to be squared. We stick to the set proportions until these days.
How do you make the Crypto Corpse so "exquisite"?
The secret lays in colors. We set the common color palette, which is choosen once per month by one of very talented artists-participants. Like this we unify all the illustrations and attire the Exquisite Corpse Snake in a sophisticated dress. These are 5 colors, 4 for the illustration and 1 for the background. Tell us on Twitter or @exquisiteworkers Instagram which color palette from the upcoming Crypto Exquisite Corpse editions fits your artistic taste most!
You say there are 5 colors. Why does the Mercury Crypto Corpse edition have 6 colors?
In the Mercury edition as an exception we introduce one more color because we needed more fuel to break through the 5 layers of the Earth's atmosphere and possible Crypto particle pollution getting to the first destination.
What do you do with the template and the colors?
The artists creating the Exquisite Coprse work separately, each one from one's home/spacecraft cabin. They do not know what other illustrators will draw. They only know that they all draw the pieces of the Snake respecting both the template and the choosen color palette.
Who choses the color palette?
These are the captain assistants who are the leading artists. The astronaut who selects the colors and the mood for the journey is the one who creates the last or top image of the Exquisite Corpse. It is a the only position which is pre-established.

On Mercury edition the right hand of the pilot is the Mexican illustrator Pavel Valseca (@pavelvalseca) who he has largely worked in Advertising, Cinematography and Videogames on Earth and has a real soft spot for the science fiction, terror and fantasy that gracefully implement the human figure and nature mixed with technology and supernatural.

On Venus edition the captain’s proud is David Durà from Barcelona (@daviddmotion) who exploresnew worlds and techniques, focusing on light, color and composition and creates a unique poetic language situating his stunning work halfway between cyber world and a human one.

On Moon expedition Pluulp (@pluulp) decides the color and the mood of the journey. She is a Chilean cartoonist who is fun of marrying the cute with the dark and whose dynamic work is influenced by science fiction and old cartoons.

Let's discover together what masterpieces the crew has prepared for us!
What makes Exquisite Corpse art tradition immortal?
Digital Exquisite Corpse that we created has the shape of a snake. Snake is known to be one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of transformation, rebirth, immortality, creative force and healing. There are infinite amount of references to the snake in literature and art, folk and fairy tale traditions. We like to think that our Exquisite Corpse Snake together with EW was the witness of the beginning of the Universe and the most important historic events since then.
What is the vision of Exquisite Workers?
Exquisite Workers brings for the first time in the history of art the Exquisite Corpse technique not only to the Digital world but to the Crypto world. By tokenizing the Exquisite Corpse, we connect the past and the future, cities, countries, continents, online and in a physical realm; raise the important questions of integrity within the community and help artists to come through the lock-down providing a creative release and inspiring a social break through. Exquisite Corpse unites an incredible number of people, enthusiasts and pioneers thanks to whom the value of each piece of Crypto Exquisite Corpse might grow immensely and trespass all possible boundaries.
What are you up to on a blockchain?
Due to the structural composition of the Exquisite Corpse, it is the perfect allegory of a crypto holding. Each piece fits in a particular order and without any piece the entire thing falls apart.

We launch the Mercury and Venus Crypto Corpses on the 1st of May and 21st of June 2021 on Opensea. Other editions will be created, tokenized and posted the upcoming months in different marketplaces until our next project’s anniversary.
Why do you find important creating NFTs?
We love learning, contributing and we find NFTs to have a transformative potential to make significant, positive change for digital artists. We have been supporting up-and-coming artists before the NFT boom by creating a year long authentic opportunity to showcase their exclusive work. We love the idea of crypto-powered art world to ensure the ongoing artist compensation, the democratization of collecting, protection of artists' and collectors' interests. Each piece of Crypto Exquisite Corpse is authentically created by our handpicked super artists and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item. Our NFTs can be owned and traded and have a transparent record of ownership. Amazing choice if you are looking for an exquisite and fair investment!
What is Crypto Exquisite Corpse auction price?
You decide! We are currently running the auctions on Opensea where you can place a bid and express your admiration to the Artwork and the astronaut competing with other collectors.

We believe that the further we go into the Solar Chain System, the higher will be the cost of fuels and equipment for the interstellar travels. And the more support of the Real and Super Real collectors we need. They recommended price of the very first journey is fine Ξ (ETH) since we have to pass through multiple layers of Earth’s atmosphers and lots of the crypto pollution and
Who are the Real and Super Real collectors and how can I become one?
If you acquire the piece of Crypto Corpse by winning the auction, you become a Real collector. It is already great because you will enter the cosmic draws to be able to define our farther steps and will forever be in our hearts. If you purchase ALL the pieces of each edition, you are granted a highter and honorable status of a Super Real collector. very few persons will ever be able to gain it!
I want to become the Real and hopefully Super Real collector! Where can I see your beautiful art and buy it?
You are so sweet! On this webpage as well as on on Instagram @exquisiteworkers. We are thrilled for you to join the Crypto Corpse great mission and appreciate if you spread the word about our community!
What about the ecology?
We dedicate a part of the benefit to support a climate change actions on Earth. In the first edition are supporting is a new breed of climate-focused NGO called Carbon180 which is pulling carbon from the sky.

In the next editions we will be possibly testing more sustainable marketplaces since the technology grows alongside.
Which marketplaces do you use for the Mercury and Venus editions?
We use Opensea for the first two space expeditions. A portion of sales will be donated to offset our carbon footprint. As we have already mentioned, in the next editions we will be possibly testing other marketplaces since the technology does not stand still.
Is it possible to own the whole edition of Crypto Exquisite Corpse?
Absolutely. We invite you to keep an eye on the auctions updates. We believe that Crypto Corpse pieces are incredibly unique works of art will bring a lot of value to the true art lovers and investors from all over the world. The opportunity to become a co-author makes the project captivating for the collectors, and the value of NFT pieces will only grow over time. You can get up-to-date information about the project on Twitter and Instagram @exquisiteworkers.
How does the Crypto Corpse collector become the co-author?
There are three ways to add your unique touch.

Once we have the winners of the auction, we invite the art-collectors to enter the raffle to have their portrait drawn in the next edition. If the NFT collector buys two pieces of Crypto Corpse, he or she has a double chance of winning the raffle. If they buy 3, even more. If they buy the whole corpse (90 units), the collector will not need to enter the raffle: he or she gets the portrait automatically. And becomes the Super Real collector.

There also will be the raffle to gain the privilege of choosing the color palette of one of the upcoming editions of Crypto Corpse which is a very responsible task. It will define the mood of the whole planet expedition.

The third way and our favorite one is following: the Real and Super Real collectors of Crypto Corpse can combine the pieces of all 10 editions the way they wish. There are 10 templates of the Exquisite Corpse. By buying multiple pieces you can fit them in all possible ways following the direction of the Snake. You can even grant one of the pieces of Corpse to your dear one. You will be forever connected by the shared exquisite Snake, love and the memory of the interstellar expedition.
Can you give me an example of how I can combine the pieces of Crypto Corpse?
Sure thing. As we mentioned, these are 10 possible templates: right opening - left opening - central - right up - left up - up right - up left -right closing - left closing. These are 90 pieces of Mercury Crypto Exquisite Corpse and the Snake starts from "opening right".

Let's say you buy all 90 pieces of the first Mercury edition (lucky you!), so the "up left" one you can place to 14 different places like a piece of puzzle. You can play and search for the best combinations which please your taste.
What are the dimentions of the Artwork of the Crypto Exquisite Corpse?
Here we go. The NFT properties are 2480x2480 JPG.

The Artwork will be shipped to you from the Solar Chain System with a physical gift which represents the art print (21 x 21 cm) made of a recycled star dust with the Exquisite Workers label featuring information such as

- the title of the piece
- the artist
- when purchased (on the primary market)
- and a handy QR Code that links to an informational page about the Exquisite Corpse piece on the marketplace.

Imporant: The Real and Super Real collectors might claim their physical art-gift only during 14 days after the auction (two weeks) via email hello@exquisiteworkers.com if the NFT is purchased for 0,5 ETH or more.
How can I display my gorgeous Crypto Corpse?
There are many ways and we believe that the upcoming months the technology will surprise us. There are all sorts of digital frames, wall-mounted screens, jewelry with digital screens.

By having numerous pieces of Crypto Exquisite Corpse you can transform your walls into a Super dynamic personilised gallery.

The Crypto Exquisite Corpse NFTs on display in physical spaces should not be reduced to only living on screens though. That is why we support the physical print concept.
How often do you post the Crypto Exquisite Corpse?
We post each day 3 premium quality illustrations as exclusive NFTs 1/1. These are the individual contributions to the collective art work created within the given color palette and template. Participants do not know what other artists create. It is a pleasant surprise for everyone.
If I buy the Crypto Corpse, do I acquire the full ownership and unrestricted rights to commercial use for my NFT?
You do not. You obtain the ownership of the NFT Works of Exquisite Workers, but any copyright, trademark right or any other intellectual property right of the NFT Works of Exquisite Workers remains owned by our artists.

For instance, providing the the NFT Works of Exquisite Workers (such as its screenshots) to others beyond the scope of private use, or using them for commercial purposes (e.g., using them for merchandises such as bags, T-shirts, or smart phone cases, publishing them in books, or posting them on e-commerce sites or corporate websites) falls under the infringement of the said intellectual property rights and is not allowed.

Using the NFT Works of Exquisite Workers by modifying or editing any part of its image or using the grid templates / composition of the Exquisite Corpse created for NFT Works of Exquisite Workers also falls under the infringement of the said intellectual property rights.

Check more in "Terms and conditions" which is provided with each Token.
What project is Exquisite Workers working on next?
We will be happy to let you know once we are ready. First we want to reach the invisible line between the end of the Solar Chain System and the beginning of everything else and enjoy the road and art on the way. Follow us on Twitter for updates and @exquisiteworkers Instagram.
I have a question, how can I reach you out?
It is an exciting time as Exquisite Workers reaches the new heights of Solar Chain System to reveal the Unknown and benefit humankind. Be a part of our Crypto and Digital Exquisite Corpse journeys and connect on

Instagram @exquisiteworkers

Clubhouse @exquisiteworkers

Twitter @ew_corpse

Or send us an email on hello@exquisiteworkers.com
and we will do our best to answer you during next 4 weeks.

Thanks from the heart for being there.
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All content on this website is protected by international copyright laws: "Exquisite Workers", "Crypto Exquisite Corpse", "NFT to stay" and its logo, grid templates are registered trademarks in Spain and elsewhere © images are copyright © the named contributors, logos are copyright © the respective companies, other content is copyright © 2020-2021 Exquisite Workers, LLC; no content may be reproduced without prior written consent from the copyright holder.

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