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Jenny Pokryvailo born in St. Petersburg, Russia, is an illustrator and a tattoo artist who undertook her studies in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and in Instituto Europeo di design in Milan, Italy. Many years of designing and drawing experience lead Jenny to shape a personal style that often combines elements from nature and man-made objects exploring the relationship between shapes, materials and textures, always with a fantastical air. Curves vs lines, soft vs solid, flow vs steadiness, feminine vs masculine - Pokryvailo’s unique and favorite compositions are distingised by contrast.

Being a minimalist, she believes in the design that is definitive in its appearance and has a clear statement. The artist achieves that by using a strict monochromatic ink demonstrating the magical ability of the black color to capture the pure essence of things.

Clara S Prous was born in Barcelona in 1991, and has only changed cities once, and it was to turn. She usually spends her days painting in her studio, making videos, fanzines, comics and tattoos. With a degree in Illustration, she dived in the world of 3D and video-production and post-production. In 2018 she went to live in Liège, in Belgium, to work in an architecture studio, turning the architectural plan that she imagined on paper into the reality.

Passionate about the illustration and her labour, Clara delivers the illustrations of a high visual impact. Inspired by the daily life, Clara’s production oscillates between complexity of elements and simplicity of forms, digital design and hand-made drawing.

From warm Costa Rica, Daniel Gómez, more known as Gomaloca, found his second home in sunny Barcelona. Having been a vegetarian and animal lover for the past 7 years, most of his Gomaloca’s work features animals and fruits. In his free time he enjoys doing comics about his life, emotions and occurrences. He also deeply enjoys creating imaginary around the naive theme, usually taking cute characters and giving them a "criminal" twist.

His dreams involve illustrating at a larger scale and publishing a comic book. When not drawing, designing and illustrating, you can find Daniel riding around on his bike or hugging random dogs in the streets. Are there any in space?

Nacho Sánchez who goes under "Ilustracho" graduated from the Elisava Design Academy of Barcelona. Throughout his trajectory as an illustrator, he has always looked for a personal language characterized by the use of vibrant colors and textures that connect his digital work to something more human. In his illustrations he brings charismatic characters that are sweet, docile and harmless that represent such concepts as incomprehension, anxiety and fear. This contrast allows Ilustracho to generate a bridge between the appearance of things and what is really behind them.

Ilustracho’s main goal is to create a dialog between him and the viewer through empathy and give a voice to very common feelings that are hard to bring light to.

Revelling in shape, texture and sense of humour, Jordi Gandul manifests in his stunning work that art should never be boring. He has been around crafting a large-scale art since he was 13. At 18 Jordi discovered his passion for the graphic design and digital illustration, both worlds he is continuing to explore with delight. Working as a freelance mostly on comissioned logos, illustrations and producing art prints, he seeks to develop elegantly engaging visuals influenced by typography, urban art, skate, music, food and good beer. Jordi Gandul is based in Tarragona, Spain and this influence shows in his warm and vibrant use of colour, describing the Mediterranean climate of his home country so well.


Laura Armengol better known as Lur, was born, grew up and obtained her art Degree in Barcelona. She studied graphic design in EINA and years later a postgraduate Degree in Illustration in BAU Design College of Barcelona. Although the design is what opened the doors to the professional world, her passion lies in illustration, painting and comic that she tries to introduce it into all aspects of her life.

She began diving in fine-art by experimenting with oil paintings as well as pastels and acrylics. Finally Lur discovered the digital art which currently has become her main way of self-expression. She never left aside more traditional techniques though and expects to never ever stop drawing.

Dani Burés is a Galician artist, inevitably influenced by his career as an architect and landscaper. Dani is primarily an exponent of line, the quality of which can be described as dynamic, elegant and precise. Always working on vectors, he shows a great interest in a somewhat abstract and geometrized representation of all kinds of subjects. He seeks the maximum formal simplification of any type of a still life or landscapes that present a suggestive for the artist composition.

Although on average the color palette in his vignettes is scarce or non-existent and it is repeating geometric patterns that catch the prominence, we can feel the warmth. Unmissable token!

Born in Barcelona and based in the North West of England, Natàlia Juan Abelló creates the exceptional work that revolves around childrens illustration: whether it’s stationery, printed textiles or picture books. Full to the brim with dreamy scenery inhabited by playful characters with big eyes and large cute faces, there is magic everywhere you look. Drawing and creating colour palettes are favorite parts of Natàlia's creative process. She grew up with a fascination for anime and manga, and also loving picture books and toys with anthropomorphic animals.

Her inspiration also comes from her own life and surroundings: nature and moments of joy in the everyday. With the heart and soul that Natàlia dedicates to every detail in each piece, she forms the Long Way Home unique token from the deep of the Black Hole.

Pol Cercós Güell, AKA Parvus Artwork from an early age has been drawn to comics, horror, and sci-fi. Much of his influence comes from the American comics of Mike Mignola, Frank Miller and Michael Allred who between chiaroscuro and dense lines give life to the two-dimensional. He is also fascinated by Rothko, Magritte, Keith Haring who put light where there was only darkness. Paper and ink, canvas with acrylics, sprays, visual poems over the walls and Kwai characters passed through a heartbreaking filter, Parvus tried all types of mediums.

Breaking his right hand forced the artist to learn to draw and write with his left one. Courageous, stubborn, brilliant young man, currently dreams of creating more comics between his audiovisual and animated projects.

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Graduated in 2010 from the Higher Institute of Design in Havana, Juan Carlos Polo Chaviano works in the creative group Proyecto Espacios Cuba. Juan Carlos shows great interest in illustration as an efficient communication tool and explores its significance of the two-dimensional frame and conventional scales and its use in interior design, blacksmithing, furniture customization and product development. Distilling stories into minimalist explosions of colour, he is constantly seeking opportunities to allow images to speak volume.

Juan Carlos’s work emphasizes composition to convey emotion and encode information. The bright illustrations of astronauts, monsters and entities from other planets often evoke an anxious feel and questions whilst maintaining softness and elegance.

Originally from Chile, Nico Lob lives in Korea. This colourful, nomadic story reflects in her warm, vivid colour palettes and concise collection of stylistic influences. Captivated since childhood by fantastic sceneries of Western cartoons and Asian animation, Nico who started originally as a graphic designer, has recently dabbled into the digital storytelling. She aspires to develop characters that could fit the game and animation industry and be released as Art Toy collections.

The unusual creatures living in her brilliant imaginary world are often appreciated as a fair balance of oddity and cuteness while her drawing style most likely fits with words like chaos, alternative, oniric, and misfit.

Elvis Marshall is a conceptual creative with extremely wide-ranging talents. No matter what his medium, his work is deeply personal displaying his unbounded imagination and eye for design. Born in Barcelona he began to create from his earliest childhood. It was in this period that the cult of the American superhero- and Underground comic, manga and anime exerted such power over his young mind that managed to raise his imagination to places far away from the school desk. His curiosity for the urban art and illustration definitely led him to study graphic arts that he unintentionally married with the performance.

In a parallel and stealthy way, dance, martial arts and performing arts have been the platforms where he was able to use his knowledge from the graphic world, producing logos and posters for theater companies, performances with painting, photographic reports, mural painting.

Malakkai's first contact with graffiti was in late 1999 and he instantly fell in love with it. Over the years he begins to travel and see that he has friends over the half of the planet Earth. This only makes him even more passionate about the urban art. You can find his murals and painted walls in multiple places: from Vidreres to Nian Xian, passing through Ciudad Juárez, Djerba, Düsseldorf, Almería and Naples. It is thanks to this experience with street art that he decided to dedicate himself professionally to the illustration and muralism.

Lover of desaturated colors, Malakkai creates vivid expressive characters with irony and a touch of melancholy. Today he brings one of them as far as to Mercury!

Exploring time, space, energy, consciousness and all being through undulating flows of colors, Anna Dart creates sensual works which activate the imaginary and strike you with magnetic characters searching for a better universal human connection with sense of purpose, light and excellence. Promoting the convergence of art and technological innovations as a means to further the development of digital humanism, she manipulates her physical artworks using advanced digital techniques. Interested in cross-pollinating disciplines of visual, performing arts and science even further, Anna undertook her studies in drama and choreography in the city of Barcelona. ICOM member, Anna Dart mostly studied art by visiting museums around the globe.

Anna promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health taking part in multiple international charity projects. Anna Dart is the co-founder of “NFT to stay" global mission and today leads Exquisite Workers' growth in Metaverse.

Inspired by contrasts and conflicts in daily life Jefferson Bonilla, AKA "Yepe" approaches different points of view with a twist of humor. His visual expression is pure, even minimalistic, and always seeking to turn complex concepts into strong visual solutions. His artwork has been influenced by traditional tattoo, blackwork artists, Japanese culture and cosmos. Yepe hails from Bogota, Colombia and has largely worked in architectural design studios.

Today he takes knowledge in architecture to explore all sorts of shapes combined with bodies to create atypical places and unreal scenes, like the one from this extraordinary token.

Trained in Graphic Design and Digital Illustration in France, Loudore is passionate about the legends and tales of her childhood and driven by the desire to revive the creative magic of our childish souls. Loudore creates otherworldly characters that exist in vast and intricate landscapes, exploring the subject matter with bright and uplifting colour schemes making her work bold and inspiring, and reminding us to be open minded and kind. With a love for traveling and exploring, Loudore also got trained in sculpture and marquetry in Italy. Multidisciplinary at heart, it is with her tender drawings she seeks to celebrate life, while telling a her own stories and memories.

Following the "good mood" culture, she advocates the benevolence of oneself and the art free from any complexity and at the service of the fantasy. When she is not drawing, Loudore loves to settle down in a quiet, admiring trees and animals.
Humberto Barajas Bustamante A.K.A. "Stranger bot", is an multiple awards winning artist born in Guanajuato capital where he graduated with a Plastic Arts degree. In the recent years of his life, he has continually devoted himself to perfecting his technique, seeking the dissemination of his self-generated painting work in numerous art shows and competitions. Currently his works reside in private collections of Mexico, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Holland, Canada, Belgium, among others. Humberto's art confronts figuration with the abstract, in forms and elements that suggest a function between the organic and inorganic, proposing the fusion of nature and technology, the human and the machine.

All this wrapped in expressive strokes alluding to street art or graffiti, coexisting with more traditional styles such as illustration and tapestries. You cannot miss this skillful token!

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, KREDO is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. A big fascination with outer space, other planets and the creatures that might inhabit them leaded KREDO to introduce them in her bright artistic work. Exploring the psychedelic aesthetic of the cosmos, she creates the surreal landscapes filled with weird dreamlike charismatic characters. In love with illustration and feeling the need to give even more life to her imagination, she recently started doing animation, inspired by movies such as Fantastic Planet, Fantasia, Alice in wonderland and Studio Ghibli.

KREDO’s style is defined by the combination of both elements of reality, such as nature, with elements of her imagination, creating unique images with vibrant color palettes and a lot of details to get lost in. A perfect fit for the unique journey to space!

Tsukumogami by Mae Wu

Mae Wu is a graphic designer and illustrator working and living in Taipei City, Taiwan. Wildly enthusiastic about mangas, video games and sci-fi movies, Wu’s works are mostly about imaginary worlds and fun characters. His work is always in high demand among editorial and commercial projects and he counts with such clients as Nike and numerous professional sport teams.

Wu is most famous for truly enthralling digital illustrations where he explores exaggerated shapes and plain colors. Recently Wu became the eager fan of "Formula 1" and "Crypto Corpse".

Marcela Ruiz, Tepetonga or Tepe was born in Mexico, where she worked for more than a decade in art direction in advertising until she changed her headquarters to Barcelona. There she undertook her postgraduate studies in Illustration at Elisava and spent 3 years at Escola Joso specializing in Illustration for children. Tepe often alludes to her origins: skulls and Huichol aesthetics frequently find place in her absolutely charismatic illustrations. A master of composition, colour and line, Tepe sensitively carves shapes from vectors to create dynamic and alluring illustration.

Besides arts, she is passionate about printing, art toys, photography, design, nature and certainly Exquisite Corpse!

Born and based in Japan, the Futureman is a psychologist who received his counseling qualifications at the age of 48. At the age of 52, he decided to undertake the path of an artist. Bright colors and thick lines that influence a soft impression of his artwork aim to provide the inner peace of the viewer. Deeply inspired by sci-fi and retro futurism, he searches for the inspiration in Star Trek, Lost in Space among other cinematographic works.

Going beyond time and space means abandoning the concept of age and changing our relationship with people around us are the recurrent topics of Futureman’s visual diary. What the artist values the most is to live in the present moment to the fullest and create a future as a result.

Josh Mora began to draw stories and characters as a child together with his brother. They collected, printed and framed them. That was the beginning of his lifetime passion. Josh studied art in a high school and continued to practice it and learn intermittently over the years. Sharp, large strokes, color contrasts and exaggerated anatomical proportions define Mora's rich and distinctive style, highly influenced by French comic and manga.

His pictures tell the story on their own and the whole set leads to imagine new narratives. Keen on comics and short stories, the ideal future project would be to publish his own comic book. Will it be the book of Josh going to space?

Born in Barcelona in 1992, Ferran Castellnou Agulló or Ferr-W got interested in illustration as such about 6 years ago and recently built a beautiful body of personal work full of dazzling colors and bright and bold lining. Digital illustration, mural painting, textile printing - his sumptuous painting style graces many mediums. Wanting to transmit his messages through different registers, he also searches for diversity in terms of subject.

Mesmerising human faces, animals and botanic objects are the most recurrent elements in his drawings. Ferran, drawn by the idea of conceptual simplification and fascinated by the power of the black line, dreams of learning the art of tattoos. 

Juan PNG is a 30 year old visual artist born in the south of Argentina. His beginnings in digital illustration go back to a very early age and come with a use of a Microsoft's Paint program. The drawings that characterize Juan's work are based on reversals of pictorial works by well-known artists, on illustrations in parallel perspective and also on nature, especially zoological species.

Juan likes to work with brushes that mimic the crayon and with a vivid color palette that refers to the 80's. His best artistic aspiration for the future is to illustrate a Best Seller.

An impeccable draughtswoman with a flair for combining luminous realism with confident brush and pencil marks, Eli Trotta is currently based in Dusseldorf. She obtained her degree in Arts in the University of Barcelona as well as in the European Institute of Design and her Master's in La Salle-Barcelona. She brings her passion for nature, sci-fi and video games in those digitally created fantastical landscapes that take your breath away.

With a substantial experience in commercial projects, she designs and illustrates for technology companies, web and mobile applications and other multimedia projects. Eli is definitely one to watch.
Pavel Valseca is a Mexican illustrator who has largely worked in Advertising, Cinematography and Video games industry creating the design of characters and environment. Having explored various subjects on his way, he has a real soft spot for the science fiction, terror and fantasy that gracefully implement the human figure and nature mixed with technology and supernatural.

Pavel has always loved to express himself through drawing. Learning and improving his skills govern much of the beauty of his work. It is with this sharp eye for details and great sense of color that Pavel tackles the Exquisite Corpse illustration.

Adrià Armengou originally hails from Barcelona (1985). He is a creative mastermind who comfortably straddles the visual disciplines of illustration, graphic design and typography, a diversity that has brought his talent to bear on numerous branding and advertising projects in his home city. Illustration and lettering, two of his biggest passions, offer constant inspiration when creating his work.

His illustrations are born out of an absurd humor and his work is majorly colorful and light-hearted. Father of two children, he likes battered artichokes.

Liking nothing better than depicting nature and creating elegant humanlike animal characters, to date Christa's work has included 3 illustrated books for children, one of those was awarded at Bologna International Children Book Fair (2019). Christa is a passionate naturalist and introspective artist based in Barcelona. She values and enjoys the freedom of the creative process in which she explores the limits of imagination and boundaries of technique.

When it comes to drawing, she starts from the most abstract part, playing with composition and color, in order to sculpt within this space of possibilities the protagonists of her stories and then fill them with realistic details.​

Rie Hagesawa more known as Illust_M is a designer and illustrator from Japan. In her homecountry she regularly participates in art and illustration shows, but not only there. She has held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong as well as brought her art to France and Spain: publishing books and participating in Exquisite Corpse more than once.

Illust_M enjoys working digitally and aims to achieve something fresh and edge, with a touch of elegant nostalgia.

The colorful, flat graphic shapes and compositions of her optimistique illustrations of Lstelo graced Exquisite Corpse more than once. Lstelo or Lissette Lopez Pridemore is a versatile artist of Ecuadorian origin who currently resides in the city of Chicago, USA. Her first serious steps in illustration began in 2014 when at the age of 22 she exhibited her work in a gallery curated by Adidas in Quito, Ecuador. Lstelo's bold and colorful portraits capture her subjects with verve and vitality that keeps her fans wanting more.

The influence of her work comes from the hand of contemporary digital artists, expressionism and pop culture icons that she is exposed to on a daily basis. In the nearest future, she aims to find her voice in the world of digital art and in the space between the stars in a galaxy.

Meravellcrea got trained and works in Illustration, nevertheless she prefers to see herself as a cartoonist. Her extravagant style is fresh, full to the brim with dark colours and charismatic obscure characters. Sharp lines and black masses give intensity to her work and narrate stories on diverse topics such as sex, science fiction, nudes, deformations, trash, death, human and animal cruelty. Ultimately, Meravellcrea's works represent the degradation of lands in their splendor.

The artist persues to draw as many existing objects as possible and expand her art expression beyond disjointed images through the comic and video art. Keep an eye on Meravellcrea's work and this unique token!

Dan Montgaue, AKA "Black Tower" is a Zimbabwean born British-Canadian multidisciplinary artist. From a young age he pursued artistic endeavours and those later led him to a focus on tattooing as well as painting and drawing. He attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada and upon graduating expanded to other continents, tattooing and making art all over North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Inspired by all of these cultures and different creative influences, his work blends the traditional with the contemporary.

Informed by mythology, esoteric elements and nature, his exploration of black and grey tattooing and art creation implement a subversive use of traditional tattoo elements and iconography. This blending of different influences and techniques results in a unique and definable body of works that is ever growing and evolving.

Ot Boltà, born in Olesa de Montserrat in 2004, is passionate about plastic arts. His versatile and experimental style is highly influenced by such artists as Egon Schiele, Joaquim Mir, Helene Schjerfbeck and Pep Montoya among others. The artistic education he received since his childhood allowed him to win different national drawing competitions. Since he has always experienced a great fascination for nature which finds the central place in his work. 

Exploring the world of human anatomy and plants portraiting the periphery, Ot introduces undefined volumes and abstracted shapes of the lifeless leaves and sets of figures that fluctuate, constantly searching for the musical movement, and situates them at the limit of the life and death, reality and fiction.

Zarah Juul faces everyday with the intent to create art that entertains, inspires, and move audiences around the world, by bringing stories to life with memorable characters, and imaginary worlds. Zarah lives in a small forest in Denmark with her kids and various animals. Zarah worked as a game director developing games for children and currently is a full-time illustrator. She has a soft spot for quirky personalities and little cracks found in common life. She has illustrated plus 30 picture books published in Denmark and Norway and had her debut as an Author in 2020.

Zarah always dreamt of working as a greenpeace activist and today helps to protect the oceans from the illegal bottom trawl fishing by drawing happy whales. There is always a creative process that develops before the production of the image, like a hand-drawing done for this unique token from Space.

The tattoo, street and digital artist with an over active imagination, David Mase, better known as MÄSE, develops his unique work in the city of Granada. Using both Traditional and Digital techniques, he draws on large walls as well as on a skin, canvas and digital canvas. Projecting his sketches to all sort of support, he has become more and more prolific, developing extraordinary comic characters with psychedelic and a little childish aesthetics and an ambiguous message.

David enjoys losing himself in the work, creating mysterious pieces that speak to the audience on a personal level, evoking strong emotional responses.

Gabriel Guzmán was born in Mexico City where he works on different projects involving mural, painting, digital illustration and design. Graduated with the Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree at the UNAM, he continued his training diving into the Motion Graphics. Mainly interested in the human nature and human relationships with nature and artificial environments (how they modify and generate social behaviors), in his works Gabriel explores all sorts of interactions with surroundings and oneself and some primitive emotions.

Gabriel currently works as an illustrator in Revista Aire, a magazine that is part of Aerome-Xico, the largest airline in his country. Much of his art has been done for social projects, which seek to strengthen isolated communities in cities throughout Mexico.

Aspiring artist who comes from the Outer Universe, Bryan Maciel, AKA "Elisyan" sees the illustrating process as a therapy and a means of self-discovery. His strongly conceptual, signature style relies upon a whimsical, fantasy-driven world of characters and their exploits. Elisyan is fascinated by the cyberpunk, artificial organic and mechanical patterns which in his work address a balance of the beauty of nature and the perfection of technology. He is deeply interested by the world of manga created by Yoji Shinkaw, Tsutomu Nihei and Katsuya Terada.

The sci-fi culture, dystopian and utopian fictions such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira, BLAME! and Ergo proxy, also futuristic novels and films are the primary influences in Elisyan’s work. Do not miss this exceptional token from space!

Cehache known among friends as Daniel hails from the city of Bogota, Colombia. As comfortable working on illustrations for printed media and advertising as well as photography and street art, after 6 years in local and international agencies, he focuses on his personal work. His illustrations catch the eye for the masterful use of color and the detailed and intricate exploration of the manmade world. His pared back environments provide an elegant simplicity that delivers a concise narrative message.

Daniel is eager to explore the world and so he does by travelling to the outerspace within this Black Hole Exquisite Corpse.

Maia Cabello is a self-taught illustrator and architect from Latin America, currently based in Buenos Aires. Maia spent her childhood watching animations and reading manga, which cultivated her interest in drawing and building a wide diversity of characters at a young age. Maia now enjoys illustrations with cyberpunk aesthetics and characters influenced by streetwear and Japanese culture and folklore.

Maia's persuasive up-beat illustrations invite us to visit her impactful enthralling environments and make us meet her attractive though distant meticulously detailed heros of 21st century or centuries which are yet to come.

Chilean cartoonist with a specialty in Characters Design, Pluulp likes the cartoon style and enjoys writing and drawing comics. Graduated in Visual Communication and Design at the University of La Serena, she eventually undertook a path of a visual artist and dedicated herself entirely to improving her drawing skills. Although she does not have any studies in this area, she does not consider herself as a self-taught artist, since she learned the craft by watching and admiring the work of many excellent artists. The subject of her dynamic vibrant work is influenced by science fiction and old cartoons, and she likes to mix the seemingly cute with the dark things.

Pluulp loves her job and if she could ask one thing to the Universe, it would be to eradicate tendonitis from the Earth.

Roger Haus is an award winning artist and the proud founder of Exquisite Workers. He studied in La Llotja Arts and Crafts Academy where Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró used to take lessons and also obtained his degree in Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP in Barcelona. Excited about the mesmerizing work of surrealists, Roger's art is the invitation to the subconscious universe. His most famous work Hypnagogies was featured on Wetransfer, TimeOut, Visions Gallery and Exquisite Workers' historical "NFT to stay" mission.

Roger Haus is keen on minimalistic, humanist and timeless design and passionate about Hip-Hop and Kawaii culture. What makes him the happiest person in the world is seeing Salvador Dalí’s paintings with his own eyes and crossing the gorgeous Mediterranean sea under the rain.

Fabrizio Ferraro is a creative mind from Rome, Italy who received his Master's degree in Architecture and eventually chose to follow his life passion for drawing, though never dropping interest in the subject of his studies. His artistic interest and passion mostly lies in combining unexpected and unlike elements to create something unique, coherent and surprising.

By doing so he draws inspiration from topics that have fascinated him since childhood and built his sense of aesthetics, such as nature and universe, ancient civilizations and mysticism, as well as references to fantasy, Japanese and video game culture.

Francisco Flores is one of the youngest creators on board of the "NFT to stay" mission. 22-year-old creator from the State of Mexico, he recently graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM. Francisco specialises in a diverse array of languages such as urban arts, fine arts and graphic design. His visual references include the works of the painter Jorge Gonzáles Camarena, the illustrators Smithe, Raul Urias, David Rocha, Jimena Estibaliz, among others. He has a great interest in space issues, Mesoamerican cultures and marine animals.

Francisco creates the rich colorful work being very much character driven and seeks to tell stories from portraits made up of various graphic elements. His future goals are to carry out interdisciplinary projects and create artistic installations worldly and in Universe!

La Veralicia is a digital illustrator and comic artist whose loose, expressive visual language is immediately recognisable. She got a degree in Design and Creative Technologies in Valencia and her work remains influenced by her academic background, with a prominent concentration on colour, line and characters development. A great deal of inspiration for La Veralicia comes from the classical art, cinema and everyday life and very much from the vintage aesthetics and Asian themes.

Currently she works on getting her first graphic novel called DUST. You wouldn't want to miss her live-drawing on Twitch as well as this fantastic token!

Fernanda Fierro is a Mexican illustrator and designer trained at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico City. Her work is characterized by the use of vibrant textures and radiant colors which give life to her multiple characters. Constantly seeking to adapt her style to the diverse mediums and to capture the way she feels and sees the world, she aims to connect with a spectator in a deep level.

Fernanda signs under the name "Muertísima" and is excited about the idea of becoming one day inspiration for young creators like her.

Ana Palmira Pérez hails from Barcelona, Spain, where she has been working for over 6 years in the realm of illustration. Her work highlights messages of self love and women as a strong and badass characters, moving away from the cliché of femininity. She finds inspiration for her seemingly simple illustrations in the world of Disney, Pixar, comics, manga and punk music, but her ultimate source of ideas comes from the worlds of Jamie Hewlett and classic American cartoons.

Experimental and intuitive, Ana’s carefree visual stories filled with a sense of humor can be found in video games and interface design. Her goal for her playful style of illustration is to elicit an emotional response in the viewer.

Inma Hortas is a Galician illustrator based in Madrid. She completed Technical Industrial Engineering before graduating in Graphic Design, a profession that she has been practicing for over ten years, both in-house and freelance. Her style is very graphic, vibrant and resounding, with voluptuous and fun shapes, and evocative concepts. Always a storyteller with an affinity for whimsy, emotions, and a well-delivered moral, she is most fond of illustration as a means of expression.

Her style is fresh, using flat colours with an eye-catching quality. Being an illustrator whose works make a difference in the world and touch the heart of the spectator is her whole life dream.

Roger Pastor Novo, born in Catalonia, lives and enjoys the creative freedom in the sunny town near the city of Barcelona. He graduated from a famous La Llotja Art and Design Academy and with a trajectory of more than 15 years in the graphic department of a wide recognized fashion brand, he combines his daily work with personal projects and external collaborations. His exquisitely crafted and intricate digital drawings with a sharp, precise line have graced multiple international advertising and packaging projects.

Roger has wonderfully participated in the Exquisite Corpse numerous times. And we are thrilled to have him as part of our talented roster!

From a young age Juan Carlos Base has liked to tell stories through his illustrations and take them to decorative murals for both individuals and companies. After graduating, he enters the world of motion graphics where, through animation, he brings to life both his ideas and those of his clients. Over the years Juan Carlos has worked as a designer for large brands such as Norwegian, Easyjet, Unicef, Facebook, as well as for international design studios. His artistic self is passionate about creating portraits and he never misses a chance to adorn his characters with lettering and calligraphy.

Being in a constant evolution, Juan Carlos spends a lot of time experimenting by taking his designs to the wood, jewelry, spray-painted murals and today to the ink Exquisite Corpse.

Maria Emege designs her days away in Madrid, the capital of Spain where she originally hails from. After graduating in Fine Arts at the Complutense with several honors she rolled straight into a successful design and art career. Maria has notched up clients as diverse as Unusual Wonder, 2K and Penguin Random House in her native city, as well as Gaumina in Vilnius, Lithuania. A love of paint, comics, role-playing games, video games, books, magazines and found things lead her rich and dynamic illustration.

When Maria is not illustrating, she is found of travelling to the Amazon to meet the howler monkeys, learning of meteorites impacting the Earth and enjoying a piece of good chocolate when drawing the Exquisite Corpse.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1991, Juana de Marco has enjoyed drawing since she was a kid. She studied Graphic design at the University FADU and 2D Animation at the Da Vinci Academy, both in her home city. At the age of 21 she got the chance to work as a storyboardist in Plenty, a distinguished motion studio where she discovered the motion graphic world and fell in love with it. A few years later she becomes a proud art director and as an illustrator specializes in character design. With a great love for all urban and the pop culture, she ventured into the creative projects with such major clients as MTV, Nickelodeon, Shell Oil Company, and more.

A fan of psychedelic art, cyberpunk aesthetics and dystopian stories, Juana is keen on experimenting with textures, colors and character styles.

Behind the CranioDsgn brand is Alex, born in Valencia in 1982. With a versatile and constantly evolving body of work, CranioDsgn's style combines graphic simplicity and rich textures. Trained at the Superior Academy of Art and Design of Castellon, it is with his passion for the pop culture aesthetics and cinema that he tackles every project. Alex is a great lover of music, especially of a punk-rock & Californian melodic hardcore, and a skateboarding. He is a die-hard fan of "Batman", "Masters of the Universe" and "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" as well as of the toys, especially those from the 80s. All these serve as inspiration to bring an exquisite art for the publishing and advertising worlds.

Miguel Manich is a Barcelona born and based illustrator who has participated in the digital Exquisite Corpse more than once. He got his Master of Arts in Illustration at EINA, Barcelona in 2014 and in Escola de la Dona mentored by professor Ignasi Blanch. Manich's work reflects his truly personal world and his own experiences. Miguel thinks behind the surface and by mixing different techniques and radiant colors, creates fresh, intuitive and totally unique illustrations.

His dreamy scenery and characters, with a pinch of subtle humor, has landed him some outstanding projects in The Illustration Room agency, Sydney, Australia as well as a proud place in the Exquisite Corpse in space.

We struck gold when we stumbled upon a talent like Hirofumi Ito. Born and raised in Japan, since he was a child he has loved drawing more than exercise. He loved to scribble on back of boring school test papers with his black ballpoint pen and by simply starting drawing, practicing, strengthening his technique, he became a self-taught artist. Since 2016 Hirofumi has been sharing his creations on Instagram where he recreates his fantasy worlds derived from a traditional Japanese culture.

Monsters, girls, molluscs, mushrooms as well as all possible ridiculous, absurd and attractive things that the artist imagined as a child become the protagonists of his personal work. He expects his ideas to become the means to connect with people living in remote places.
We struck gold when we stumbled upon a talent like Hirofumi Ito. Born and raised in Japan, since he was a child he has loved drawing more than exercise. He loved to scribble on back of boring school test papers with his black ballpoint pen and by simply starting drawing, practicing, strengthening his technique, he became a self-taught artist. Since 2016 Hirofumi has been sharing his creations on Instagram where he recreates his fantasy worlds derived from a traditional Japanese culture.

Monsters, girls, molluscs, mushrooms as well as all possible ridiculous, absurd and attractive things that the artist imagined as a child become the protagonists of his personal work. He expects his ideas to become the means to connect with people living in remote places.
Naiara Zalbidea currently lives in Barcelona, ​​although she was born in a small that is called Sopela, located 20 minutes from Bilbao, where, according to her, the best waves are found. She studied a higher Degree in Illustration and after finishing it, she decided to pursue a Master's degree in techniques for analog and digital illustration. She continued to study screen printing stamping and color treatment, creating designs for tattoos, curating works of art always combining it with editorial projects or personal work.

Naiara’s visual creations are greatly inspired by the idea of ​​Africa, nature and the cycle of life, aspects that strongly mark her fantasies. Her list of ideas is immense and she feels a great need to generate and express emotions through her illustrations and devour in diverse art disciplines and styles.

Early signs of Merle’s quirky illustration style snuck into content graphics for Jamie Oliver’s TV series, Jamie at home, while working at Hello Charlie in Bristol. It was motherhood that gave her a pause to re-think her life and go after what she had always wanted to be. Now that hidden illustrator has come out from behind the curtain and taken over her life. Merle’s Instagram feed shows the evolutionary journey of her style as she honed her craft. From the first illustration she shared to her latest post you will see her quirky and subtle sense of humour.

As her notoriety grew, she picked up projects for children’s books and publications, illustrating a song about the sea for Mare magazine, which her family have been collecting since it was first released in 1997. She originally worked exclusively in ink until she moved over to Procreate. The combination of ink and digital has given her greater control of the style she has become known for.

Yasha Shrivastava never lets you indifferent. Being a passionate art enthusiast, illustrator, visual artist, and researcher, she is based out of Madhya Pradesh, India. Her works are intimate portrayals of female expression, identity and individuality and are beautifully handled in a surreal fantastic spaces full of a sense of belonging. Her use of metaphors with erotic subject matter serves as a strategy of merging art with real life making her audience crave for more.

Enjoying the female-driven narratives, Yasha weaves stories involving an active awareness of sexuality, the presumption of gender and sensuality.

What usually starts as a rough, digital pencil sketch, for Nieke Stegerman turns into an illustration filled with texture, detail and storytelling. Born and based in Maastricht, Netherlands, Nieke enjoys visualizing a vague and abstract idea and shaping it into the colorful narrative. Stegerman’s focus on a simplified, conceptual approach to creating illustration allows her to draw bold, graphic images with impact.

Committed to her craft, today Nieke decides to spread her creative wings further afield, working abroad and in the open space. Being in nature, watching tv-shows and travelling to space is always to be in her to-do list.

As an artist Camille Lagoarde, AKA "Kiwii Pastek" is known for her vivid, delicate and thought-provoking art style. Kiwii Pastek hailes from France where her parents’ exposure to arts and crafts nourished her love for creating things by hand and be resourceful. Even as a child, she had a strong taste for books, especially albums. That is when she started drawing and she never stopped. Today her colourful illustrations reveal a poetic world with a touch of humour. Moreover, her personal work is part of the body positive movement. She wants to give a different image of bodies considered outside the norm: fat, marked, non-binary, transgender, etc. Thus, a fresh and benevolent look is given to them. Far from the injunctions and archetypes carried by today's society.

Her committed artistic approach has allowed her to be published in the feminist magazines Bust Magazine, The Fatzine, be recognized by international illustration, design institutions and today reach as far as the Black Hole!

After graduating with Design and Visual Communication Degree in Mexico, Greece Zamora Gonzalez, AKA "Gree" rolled straight into a successful career in design, advertising and finally in a videogame industry. It was in the video games studio when she realized that what she is most passionate about is illustration, drawing and concept art. Her delicate digital works really do take whimsical illustration to another realm.

Gree let herself be inspired by her day to day, the things that she lives and feels, her plants, her personal items, things she heard or saw, full of magic, there is nature, space and adventures, exciting and transmitting peace, the whole personal world of Gree is there.

A bright talent on the international illustration scene, India-based artist Shohei Emura over the years has built a reputation for himself creating clear, colorful imagery with a sense of fun about it. Shohei Emura is a Japanese comicbook illustrator, Indian traditional bard culture researcher and writer who has been publishing comics books, picture books and mural works. Interesting intersaction between the cultural backgrounds and passion for manga and comics lead Shohei Emura multiple editorial projects.

A master at producing delicate illustrations that are as lovely as they are direct, Shohei created a "KOS" comics book which has been nominated for the best comics award at Comicon India. His favorite dream is to publish the manga version of the Mahabharata.

Juan Castaño defines himself as a teacher by profession and a cartoonist by vocation. Born in Cartagena in 1976, he draws since very early years, although it is in recent times when he dived entirely into illustration. In his work the unique and selected thin shapes and contrasting colors are rooted in deep interest in the Japanese illustration. He seeks a constant exploration of color and form, combinations of both to express or make the viewer feel. Currently straddling different forms of creative media including book cover design, merchandising, doing business comissions and colabs with other artists, Juan is the ultimate visual problem solver.

Juan edited an illustrated book dedicated to the tattoo world and is preparing a second volume, this time an illustrated story about the sea, a fairly common reference in his work.

Lau Santacana was born in 1980 in the city of Girona. He lives all his youth in a town in the Costa Brava called L’Escala. He spends his entire youth devouring Manga and Anime, and listening to Hardcorepunk records. He moved to study illustration at the Llotja school in Barcelona, and later did a specialty of children's illustration at the Eina school.

In his works he tries to represent what comes to his liking, without further pretense. And his influences would come from the entire manga and anime culture that marked his childhood.

Born in Morelos, Mexico, Axel Iván Mendoza Duarte goes under a pseudonym "Ax Rococó". Interested in drawing from an early age, Ax Rococó expresses his desire for learning to draw scratching everything he finds in his path. Having studied the Graphic Design at the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán UNAM, he finds Mexican graphics to be extremely attractive to him. Nevertheless, Ax is deeply inspired by Baroque art, Art Nouveau and Impressionism. His work combines his love for simple shapes and finely defined color palettes with detailed elements and charming utterly dynamic characters. He manually adds shadings and nuances giving the final illustration a comic look.

The recurring themes of Rococó’s artworks are freedom, peace and chaos. The artist ensures that a fascination for these topics is manifested in his own life.

Tom Hoff is an illustrator and graphic artist born in Santiago de Chile. After starting a design and illustration studio in his hometown, he dedicated himself to nurturing his graphic style by undertaking the Master's degree in illustration and comics in Elisava, Barcelona. Tom creates exquisitely crafted and intricate drawings with a sharp line. His lustrous illustrations are at the same time both beautiful and satirical, with a deep-rooted fascination with multicultural narratives.

His personal work is characterized by evoking characters that mix reality with fiction, in order to convey a new world to be seen and explored by the viewer. Cannot get enough of his talent, and you?

A professionally trained chef, polyglot and an avid reader, Olga O.M. Doodles found her favorite language which is the illustration. She has lived in London, Paris, New York, and currently in Chicago where she never missed a chance to go the modern art galleries and museums since they provide her endless references for her personal work. The artist is greatly inspired by women and often chooses them as a subject matter of her visual creations.

Her favorite colors are grey and yellow, coincidentally the Pantone colors of the year 2021. Daily creative practice is the only true goal she sets for herself.

Nicolle Rockstroh is a Guatemalan graphic designer and illustrator living in Barcelona since 2017. She studied graphic design in Vienna and then moved to Barcelona to complete her Master’s degree in Illustration and Motion Graphics. She enjoys creating vectorial illustration as well as free-hand digital art. Her inspiration comes from nature, music and movies, which she then translates into unusual characters and surreal landscapes in bold and bright colors.

She hopes to keep working as an illustrator and participating in projects concerning themes such as environmental awareness and social issues.

Alexis Damia is 24 years old and hails from Argentina where he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Buenos Aires University (FADU). He is a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. Describing himself he likes to bring it in this order. He mixes analog and digital techniques seeking in most of his works for the human representation to be the center of it all.

Alexis has cultivated a deep-rooted fascination for Surrealism and Rhetoric. With an excellent level of craftsmanship and his addiction to the detail, his work has found a home at multiple freelance projects in the country and abroad.

Elenagno graduated with a Graphic Design degree in Italy when the Masters in Art Direction brought her to Elisava, Barcelona. Her work focuses primarily on the human figure, creating an informal and alternative representation of the reality. The figures seem to move thanks to the astonishing undulating effect caused by the spontaneity of the line. At the heart of her work there are colors which hold this fantastic power to convey and express ideas and emotions.

Elenagno utterly enjoys to reveal her thoughts through drawing and to observe how people interpret her work and find themselves reflected there. With an extensive work experience in the fashion industry, Elenagno is also active in design and urban art.

Angel Ririsu, AKA “Angel Babi” is a multidisciplinary artist who stands out for her versatile capacity for development in all possible artistic disciplines: from photography and cinema to illustration and graphic design. Being an extremely introverted person, from a young age she has felt a certain ability to capture the small details that little by little would expand her artistic imagination.

With a rich emotional life, Babi is keen on exploring art through nostalgia, thus delving into retro-futuristic genres, cyberpunk and sci-fi. In her visual works there are elements of these aesthetics captured through colors and geometry, playing with elements such as balance and mysticism.

After a lifetime of drawing and an extensive career in graphic design, 50's Vintage Dame works exclusively in the field of retro-illustration. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia as a child she would spend all her pocket money buying Archie comics and then filling her days drawing pictures of Betty and Veronica. Obsessed with the visual aesthetics of 1940s-1950s, today she creates retro-themed vintage art addressing modern concepts by using the digital tools available in the 21st century. In her own words, exploring the concept of retro-futurism in a contemporary sense helps to identify our place in a post-pandemic world. Sci-fi novels and movies, and cartoons like The Jetsons are her biggest inspiration.

The illustrator’s versatile, dynamic style, with the intense color palette and vibrant drawing technique, places her work in great demand by all sort of projects.
Joan Sebastià Planells Feliu de Cabrera was born in the city of La Palma in 1989 and now resides in Alaró, Mallorca, Spain. Originally a sound technician, Joan spent around ten years in the music industry before switching disciplines to focus on illustrative work during the pandemic. His experience allowed him to develop a unique style of illustration, centering around quirky characters who live in their own universe full of music. 

Thanks to his previous experience as a musician and technician with various bands on the Balearic music scene, he is currently developing several comic and illustration projects and it is all about sound and the stage. Joan enjoys telling subtle stories, weaving narratives into his imagery with contrasting ink palettes and the bright lightning that has become his signature style.

Patrick Aere is a Swiss-Costa Rican media designer, illustrator and NFT artist based in Munich. Initially, he studied Microbiology but then changed to Fine Arts and never looked back, starting his journey as a designer. Soon he began to work as a freelancer for companies around the globe, including Zedge in New York, CoreMedica in Geneva and Mixtiles in Tel Aviv, before being hired by an international consulting company in the design field. This allowed him to gain a routine drawing, illustrating, and animating to express ideas in a creative way.

In his free time, he enjoys surfing the Eisbach river wave in Munich, going to museums and taking photographs.

Scotland-based artist, Julia Archire or Rejuless is a versatile designer and illustrator, working primarily in the fields of branding, advertising and editorial illustration. With a professional background rooted in design and management, she recently pivoted from the corporate environment towards more creatively enriching endeavours, with illustration being one of her early passions. She loves creating artworks that are concept-driven and have an emotional impact, either inspired by nature, everyday food and random people. Her personal projects are either surreal atmospheric imagery or portraits or both. Her portraits are often described as dreamy and intense with distinctive facial features.

When she’s not scribbling on her iPad or crafting logos, she is either exploring and photographing random plants in the botanic garden or dabbling in the kitchen sector trying out cake recipes.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Alejandro Carlini discovered his passion for drawing at the age of thirty and committed to study at the famous Academy of Fine-Arts of La Llotja. After completing his formal training he spent two more years studying illustration at the Escola Joso with the strong intention to expand and consolidate his knowledge of different techniques, both analog and digital. With a special interest for botany, portraiture and human figure, in his personal work with a great enthusiasm he dwells upon the antagonistic dream-like concepts blending together the forces of nature and technology.

Today with his distinctive neo-futuristic style and a splendor of his unbounded imagination, Alejandro adorns the piece of Universe on our way to the Unknown.

Luis Madrigal, AKA "Sepo" is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, Spain. He studied Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia city where he currently resides. His work is characterized by raising a narrative that moves between manners and surrealism. Sepo masterfully makes use of warm and slightly saturated colors that maintain as a basis the line, not leaving aside the both compositional and graphic experimentation.

He finds a great influence and inspiration in such artists as Arnold Lobel, Akira Toriyama or Winsor McCay as well as in the series of animation from the 90's. Luis employs both traditional and digital techniques in his work and admits to having a bit of an obsession with detail.

Tia Nagaraj is an illustrator born and raised in Bangalore, India. She has completed her BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, with great ambitions of coming back and making it big in a city she quickly called home. With a great variety of personal and professional interests, Tia found in the illustration a beautiful skill that has opened doors to fashion, animation, film and more. Her style is versatile by design, even within the separate realms of digital and traditional media. Tia’s work has a strong graphic sensibility, tending towards bold compositions and iconic solutions, and employing photography where needed.

One of her exquisite strengths is in coming up with ideas, and turning complex written or verbal concepts into simple images.

Johanna Reynaud, AKA "Gribouilliz" is a Canadian artist who works mainly with ink, fineliners and markers to illustrate her “doodle” world. In 2012 she got introduced to doodle art during a trip to Morroco and after participating in many local exhibitions and collaborations she extended her art form to the commissions for the caritative events and high-end brands. Her work is placed between fine art, urban art and pop-culture, using empaphy to reference her contemporary milieu. Her pervasive and instantly recognisable aesthetic exists across a multitude of forms including canvases and large scale murals, both indoor and outside.

The artist recreates iconic depictions of famous people, mainly of the 20th century, as drawings and likes to see how those can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. 

José Ventura was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, a warm heaven with friendly faces and too much sun. Although his professional education was developed in literature and in the writing of narratives, somewhere along the way he fell in love with drawing. The dream to become an artist never faded away as he grew older. He started out as a self-taught graphic designer experimenting with diverse projects, from commercial design to political communication oriented and social causes works. Eventually he found in illustration a medium that allowed him to combine his taste for graphics and his knowledge of narrative.

To this day he continues to learn ways to crosspolinate these two disciplines to tell drawn stories on Earth and from Space.

Right before graduating as an Industrial designer and a Product developer in Barcelona, Jordi Barenys Haya leaves his studies and immediately enrolls in a professional training at Massana art school. He understood that drawing it is what he has always wanted to do. Moving straight into commercial illustration the commissioning world embraced him with high profile jobs and an award for the best illustrated book in a paper format ("Newton and his moves").

His fantastical and detailed illustrations, a burst of colour and energy, packed with psychedelic dream-like environments and a sprinkle of ingenuity, now become a part of the story of Crypto Exquisite Corpse.

Carlos Mondeja is a Cuban graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer and co-founder of the RedChambelon studio. He graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño de La Habana. He is currently the Director of Graphic Design and Visual Identity at Footdistrict in Madrid, Spain. In these last years of work, he has had the opportunity to work on projects with such major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ACG, Asics, doing the graphic design and helping in the creative direction. He likes his work to be of an incredible visual impact and easily remembered.

He works both analog and digital and always likes to explore new ways to communicate the visual message with solid strong colors. His historic success in the creative field speaks for himself.

Anna Oro graduated at IUAV University of Venice and now lives between Venice and Turin illustrating her daily life. Anna's natural drawing talent has allowed her a diverse client base in graphic design and illustration in Italy and Portugal. Interested in the relationship between object and the 2D image and its connection to different modes of storytelling Anna playfully represents joyful human characters with ice-creams, plants, cats and fruits.

Their big tall legs make them walk, run and dance. In her soft colorful works she is searching for simple compositions and the perfect color balance. Might she happily find some non-existent colors for her palette in the Black Hole?
Born in Girona, Joan León studied Architecture in Barcelona where he discovered his passion for sketchbook drawing. Outdoor and travel illustrator, his interest is to catch the magic of the world in his notebooks, some of which have already been published (latest "Illustrating South America"). Joan's work is lively, engaging and deeply painterly. In his sketchbooks there are watercolors, colored pencils, gouache and inks. In his digital work his bold compositions are formed by an exciting mix of geometry and colour.

Currently Joan León combines illustration with teaching. We are delighted that Joan León joined us on cosmic voyage with his amazing skillset and fresh perspective.

Kat Hassell is an illustrator who works for a UK design studio and specialises in digital portraiture using Photoshop and Procreate. Ex-teacher, twin mama and maker of things, Kat strives for mystery in her art and rewards the audience with her fantastical creatures that draw you in. As well as figurative illustration, Kat also paints and works with recycled mixed precious metals.

Kat dreams of owning a tiny seafront art shop full of wonky ceramics and contemporary illustration, where she can create all day with a dog at her feet.

Barcelona-born and based, Lourdes Laó finds her inspiration in nature, femininity and symbolism. She has always been interested in editorial illustration, although her professional career has been unfolding in the field of textile graphic design for a few years. Her favorite techniques are pencil, drawing and acrylic painting. Although due to the type of work in which she has specialized which is a children’s pattern design, she feels very much comfortable using more digital techniques.

Recently she has discovered the art of ceramics and she likes to apply her own designs and her illustrations decoratively on her ceramic pieces.

Nacho Morelli, better known as "Limo" is a young artist, designer and musician from Argentina currently studying the Graphic Design in the University of Buenos Aires. Limo's work is simple but conceptual, and his style incorporates lively color and graphic shapes to create engaging minimalistic and enigmatic narratives and fun-to-look-at characters from the invented worlds. His careful process starts with many pencil sketches on paper to experiment with different possibilities, and to create effective visuals, then finalizes with color digitally.

His references include Luke Pearson, Gastón Pacheco, Studio Ghibli films and Cartoon Network series such as the Adventure Time. In the music he is inspired by the Beatles, Bee Gees and Stereolab. He also loves video games such as Zelda and to play drums at night.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Sally Land is a day dreamer floating through life with her head in the stars. In love with the Moon, the universe and all the tiny moments in each day, Sally spends most of her time living in the galaxies of her mind. With the help of her paints and pens her magical world is brought to life and shared with others. Happily working with both traditional and digital mediums and occasionally blending the two, the themes of her artwork often reflect those of the celestial imagery and floating creatures suspended in space such a unicorns, moths, foxes and dogs.

When Sally is not drawing, she likes long walks in the nature, working at her little garden, making 1001 happy origami bunnies and eating party pies.

Impossible Tower started with a Costa Rican engineer (Mauricio G.) and a Mexican Architect (Socorro F.) doodling floors of a cartoon tower once a week (on their own words, the real ones are too much work). Impossible Tower artistic unity started with the idea of a collaborative drawing exercise — slightly similar to the Exquisite Corpse — and ended up evolving into a fictional black and white world in which one-eyed creatures, monster cults, and regular citizens live together in harmony without being too freaked out by the insanity around them, extraterrestrial cereal propaganda included.

Impossible tower hopes that their project will get hem closer to the life-long dream of becoming full-time illustrators. In a meanwhile lets enjoy their first Crypto NFT drop in space!

Brototi Mondal is a young illustrator and communication designer from India exploring sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes. Marvelled by the novels of William Gibson who convincingly imagines the near future and by dystopian artworks of Leopoldo D’Angelo Danguiz who also shares his cyber view on what may come, Brototi loves to explore computers, their consequences and interactions with the humans. With a Master degree in Visual communication in IDC School of Design, Bombay, she has elaborated her unique contrasting hard-lined style which is neo-noir, mysterious and grunge.

Miss Mondal grew up watching Blade Runner and got fascinated by such series as Love Death & Robots and Westworld. Brototi is keen on creating an array of powerful characters and badass women who we wish were our best friends.

Cristóbal Fortúnez champions originality, newness and craftmanship. Cristóbal hails from Santiago de Compostela and has graduated from the University of Vigo as a fine-artist (both in Spain). Cristóbal’s work lays in a space of strident colors with references to pop culture, fullfiled with a sense of humor and an elegance of cats. Over the years of his successful art-carrer he has worked on the blog called Mongolian Fauna and currently contributes to Blackie Books Notebooks where he performs as the co-author and illustrator. In addition, he has done a multitude of jobs in the publishing and advertising worlds working with El País, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Vice among others.

Cristóbal is passionate about drawing people that he does not know, he is keen on collecting these pieces and then imagining what their life look like. Today meeting newcomers in Space!

Having learnt her craft of drawing, painting, screen printing and ceramics in famous La Llotja Art and Design Academy and Eina Art School in Barcelona, Gemma Quevedo set up a studio in her native city, called Black Pretzel, which currently produces hand-printed t-shirts, fanzines and pins and in future self designed dolls. A constant string of exhibitions and local art-fairs pushes her technique further. In her most recent intimate comic series she brings to life a woman character and a cat who explores the topic on sensory processing sensitivity (HS). In her digital work Gemma creates boldly visual imagery over the plain moderate backgrounds which mainly focuses on daily life on Earth and cosmic journeys. Today Gemma has reached the Black Hole as the female protagonists of her digital stories.

Wildlife technician and illustrator Em Bolieu finds herself joyfully working on many scientific illustration projects in the province of Quebec, Canada where she was born. Her art process is about drawing things she is in love with: birds, butterflies, mountains and animals, - and spending probably too many hours finding the perfect colors to reflect that love. She lives by sea and forest, which comes through in her rich, colourful digital illustrations, bursting at the seams with narrative and charm.

Em says she is just obsessed with color and also fascinated by science and anything vintage and uses illustration as a way to reunite unlikely partners in one dance.

A fine arts graduate in Barcelona, César Marcén approaches his artistic projects from an ironic and surreal perspective. Among his work we can find typography art, epic portraits and drawings representing the apocalyptic scenes which seem to come from a dream world. His light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human or animal form with an inherent elegance. A lover of Indie comics and experimental electronic music, he finds joy in a digital drawing. His most notable graphic references range from Katsuhiro Otomo, James Jean and Daniel Richter to classic figures such as Albrecht Dürer and El Bosco.

César is currently working as a graphic manager in a high-end fashion brand that will start its journey this year in Barcelona.

Aldo Cruces originally hails from Cuba and started drawing at an early age and soon after got into graphic design, focusing heavily on the beauty of composition. His work is characterised by the use of traditional tools (pencils and pen), attention to detail as well as a strong sense of colour. He masterfully makes use of the latest technology available by combining traditional drawing with digital illustration, and by creating fully digital graphics. He enjoys the process of reading texts, imagining the scenes, and then capturing them into his work.

Using limited graphic elements in bold, two-or three-color compositions with black and white, Aldo Cruces’s conceptual editorial illustrations are featured in newspapers and magazines internationally. His designs can also be found in advertisements, on various product packaging, and today in space!

Belén Moreno was born in sunny Sevilla and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, the place where she met and fell madly in love with illustration. With a classic style, steeped in tradition and popular culture, she aims to tell stories full of insight and subtle narratives, leaving an open door for the reinterpretation. The chromatic scarcity prevails in her figurative work contrasting with the meticulousness and exaggeration of the detail.

Today she brings on board of Exquisite Workers the experimentation and fun in pure state without losing the delicacy of the good know-how.

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